​​​​​​​Hawar news agency center's daily 21-07-2020

Following up the events witnessed in the regions of north and east Syria.

Following up the activities in north and east Syria.

American experts and researchers said that Turkey's recognition of the smuggling of an ISIS family from al-Hol camp confirms that the relationship between Turkey and ISIS is a strong and close document, and pointed out that what Turkey is doing is very wrong and mocking at international agreements regarding defeating terrorism, and that it does not respect NATO..

In light of the war that exhausted Syria about ten years ago, there have been effective attempts to maintain a coherent, non-dispersed society that receives its education, training, and culture (attached with photos and video).


Abdel Karim Sarukhan pointed out that Ocalan's message about establishing peace in the Middle East and resolving disputes is clear in its content, as he calls for finding solutions and building a just regime, while Gulistan Ibrahim explained that the leader Abdullah Ocalan had a democratic thought contrary to the laws of male domination that are governed by countries the world (attached with photos and video).

The Administrator of the Democratic Society Academy in al-Hasakah canton said that the Turkish occupation harnesses technology in its own war against the peoples of the region, explaining that the democratic nation and awareness are the basis for standing up to the Turkish special war (attached with photos and video).


Women and political activists in the city of Aleppo and a Mekada area in al-Hasakah canton rejected the practices of the Turkish state and the Iranian regime targeting women, and called on all women to step up their resistance and struggle against the Turkish and Iranian regimes (attached with photos and video).