​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Center's Daily 23-07-2021

The residents of Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood considered the Kurdistan Democratic Party's support for the Turkish occupier a "treason against the Kurdish people and their cause," calling on the Kurdish parties to unite ranks to end the occupation of Kurdistan lands (attached with photos and video).

The martyrs' families considered the Turkish occupation's assault on a martyrs' shrine in the occupied city of Afrin an inhuman and immoral act, stressing that Turkey is following the ISIS approach in encroaching on sanctities (attached with photos and video).

Kobane people explained that Turkey's goal in reducing water level of the Euphrates River is to implement a siege on the region, thirst it and create major crises in the areas of north and east Syria, and stressed that the Turkish occupation state is " barbaric that does not know the meaning of humanity" (attached with photos and video).