​​​​​​​Hawar news agency center’s daily  24-02-2020

The people of Al-Shaddadi district praised the role played by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Security Forces in pursuing the remnants of terrorist cells in the areas south of Hasakah, and stressed the need to continue the campaigns to eliminate them completely (attached with photos and video).


The Secretary-General of the Egyptian Socialist Party, Ahmed Bahaa El-Din Shaaban and the Member of the Arab Initiative for Abdullah Ocalan's Freedom, said that the steadfastness of the Kurdish people and the solidarity of the free people of the world is sufficient to liberate Ocalan (attached with photos).

The parliamentarian for the HDP in Izmir, Murat Jebni, said that the Turkish authorities seek to criminalize the HDP or to eliminate it permanently (attached with photos and video).


The Head of the National Democratic Alliance Party affirmed that any solution that comes through conferences sponsored by regional countries is a patchwork and in favor of their interests, and that the solution to the Syrian issue is at the hands of its people, and the recent Astana meeting is nothing but a strike against the Autonomous Administration project (attached with photos and video).

Efforts to reach satisfactory results from the discussions of the Kurdish national unity parties and the "Kurdish National Council" are still continuing, although the latter obstructs efforts to reach results, while politicians stress the need for the Council to have a serious position on the Kurdish issue and to act according to what serves the interests of the Kurdish people (attached with photos and video).


The Kurdish National Council has always claimed patriotism and Kurdisim and raised resonant slogans about the Kurds and their cause, but the facts and events that accompanied the council from its inception until the present time revealed its truth (attached with photos).