Hawar news agency center’s daily 30-05-2020

Following the events witnessed in the regions of north and east Syria.

Following the activities in north and east Syria.

Fawza Youssef explained that the development of society is essentially and directly linked to the rapprochement among the existing components, sharing the tragedies and pain that afflict them, and strengthening the bonds of affection among them through cooperation and easing the burdens of each other (attached with photos and video).


The Turkish occupation uses various methods to change the demographics of the occupied regions of northeastern and northwestern Syria, and in a step that indicates the goal of permanent occupation in forming Turkmen parties (attached with photos and video).


Abboud Maqsou explained that time is right to achieve the national unity, and the Kurdish people in the four parts of Kurdistan need the unity of the rank. He said: "The leader Abdullah Ocalan stresses the need to unify the Kurdish mind, put it in the service of the Kurdish people and cause, and not to put it in the service of enemies" (attached with photos and video).