Hawar news agency outline 22 -2- 2020

-Following up the events that north and east of Syria are witnessing.

-Following up the events  and activities that north and east of Syria are witnessing.

-The intellectual union -Al Jazeera region , Al Hasaka, is organizing a seminar under the title " no for the Turkish " in Ghorba in Mount Kazwan, at 11:00. Attached ( photos and videos )

-Al Hasaka people bide farwell the corpse of the martyr in the SDF at the shrine of the martyr, Dijwar at 14:00 ( attached photos and videos )

- The joint head of the Social Affairs Committee in the Autonomous Administration of the  North and East Syria, Jihan Muhammed said that the administration receives Idlib province displaced in its areas. There are 1,500 families. She confirmed that they are providing them with support and called on the humanitarian organizations to resume their work in the region and participate in providing support to the displaced. Attached with ( photos and videos )

- one of the notables of Shamar clan in Tel Kocer district that the conspirator know how Ocalan can affect their colonial plans. He noted that failing the plot is not by the military struggle and operations against Turkey, but through spreading the leader's thought who refused using the weapon " attached ( photos and videos)


-  interaction was absent as the threats of the Turkish president to attack the regime forces in Idlib from the square of the media movements, and went beyond that to actions on the ground, as the Turkish army and its mercenaries in Idlib crowd militarily, while the Syrian regime forces are preparing, Russia, has stepped up its tone against Turkey, in the light of all these data,  Observers say the situation is moving towards a resolution in the Idlib area.


-Afrin women are preparing for march 8th, Women's Day, through workshops of handmade and folkloric clothes at Sardam camp in preparation for the occasion. Attached ( photos and videos )

 Society and life  

 -Turkey and its affiliated mercenaries caused Wassim's disease to be danger on his life following a     displacement trip from Deir ez Zour to Ain Issa camp. He needs urgent doses of treatment that he used to have before displacement. Attached with ( photos and videos )