Hawar News Agency plan 11-8-20 2022

 The Martyrs' Families Council in Girkê legê district remembers the martyrs of June, July and August, at the Aram Tigran Center for Culture and Art in the town of Rmelan, at 10:00.  (Video and photos attached)

 The people of the city of Qamishlo offer their condolences to the families of the martyr Muhyiddin Gulo, in front of the house of the martyr in the Hilaliya neighborhood, at 09:00.  (Video and photos attached)

 The Young Women's Movement in Kobani canton celebrates the anniversary of the August 15 jump, at 17.00, at the movement's headquarters (video and photos are attached).

 The people of the Euphrates region join a demonstration in the city of Kobani to denounce the repeated attacks of the Turkish occupation on the regions of northern and eastern Syria, at 10.00.  (Video and photos attached).

 The national figure, Ahmed Hammou, considered the North and East revolution as an extension of the August 15 Leap, and pointed to the struggle against fascism as a common denominator between the revolution and the August 15 Leap.  (Video and photos attached)

 Syria was a major bargaining issue in the Sochi meeting between Putin and Erdogan.  In response to a question, is it possible that Russia seeks to move Damascus and Ankara towards a joint action plan in Syria, and what does this mean for the Syrian parties?  Hamida Rinkozogulari said Putin does not want a solution in the region.

 The Human Rights Organization in the Al-Jazeera region explained that the Turkish occupation state's targeting of children is a violation of international humanitarian law and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, calling on international human rights organizations and active forces in the region to impose a no fly zone on north and east Syria and end the Turkish occupation.  (Video and photos attached)

 Riad Darar stressed that the escalation of the Turkish occupation is the result of understandings that took place during the Sochi meetings, and indicated that the occupation aims to strike the civilian incubator of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and he did not rule out that there would be cooperation between the Damascus government and the Turkish occupation against the Autonomous Administration.

 The sheikhs and dignitaries of the clans of the city of Raqqa affirmed their support for the Syrian Democratic Forces in the face of the Turkish occupation state, which has stepped up its attacks on northern and eastern Syria.  (Video and photos attached)

 Hundreds of residents of Kobani canton continue to receive first aid training, in response to the state of emergency declared by the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria to confront the threats and attacks of the Turkish fascist state on the basis of the People's Revolutionary War.  (Video and photos attached)

 The components of Derik district of Qamishlo canton confirmed that the peoples of northern and eastern Syria take the democratic nation's thought and the people's revolutionary war as their basis to achieve victory and eliminate the Turkish occupation on their lands.  (Video and photos attached)

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 The Damascus government is paving the way to lifting the total subsidy on gasoline by resorting to raising its price by 130 percent for the third time in a year, as an economic researcher warned that this decision will stimulate the black market and increase its activity, stressing that the government has turned into a collection government, not a government of services, and that it is continuing.  In guiding its deficit to the pockets of the Syrians.