Hawar News Agency plan 17-1-2021

Follows-up of events in North Eastern Syria.

Follows-up of events and activities in North Eastern Syria

On the occasion of the third annual anniversary of the Turkish occupation of Afrin, a demonstration is to take place at the Serdem Camp in Shahba Canton,  11:00( attached with photos and videos).

Commemorating ceremonials to be held at the Freedom Hall in Shadadi by Martyr's Families Council, at 10:00 o'clock( attached with photos and videos).   

Sheikh of the Zibaid Clan made clear that attacks by the Turkish Occupation Army unveil its reality, and that '' complementarity and cohesion in North Eastern Syria instinctive, calling on all people to support SDF. ( attached with photos and videos).


-women's Administration in Raqqa is to hold third annual meeting in which a statement regarding the Afrin occupation by the Turkish Occupation Forces is to be released. 10:00 o'clock. (Attached with photos and videos). 

-activities marking the 16th anniversary of the Congera Star Formation to take place in the Qamishlo Canton, at 10:00 o'clock.

-Yazidi women from Afrin call on the international community to put an end to the attacks carried ouyt by the Turkish Occupation Forces against their sacraments, and to refrain from measures adopted by ISIS mercenary groups, that force them to change religion. ( attached with photos and videos).  

-women from the town of Dishisha of Shdadi, voice support to the SDF against the Turkish Occupation Forces and the affiliated mercenary groups, and condemn breaches of shelling an displacement in North Eastern Syria. ( attached with photos and videos).  


-Last week, posts held by Iranian Forces in Eastern Syria underwent Israeli raids, that were dubbed by an Israeli official as an advanced phase of targeting Iranian positioning, as reports indicate the possibility of a Iranian –Israeli war, as Qatar is never expected to change position regarding Turkey and Iran. ( attached with photos and videos).   

With 2021 Britain left officially the EU as all wait for repercussions especially after the British commercial treaty with Turkey and imposition of sanctions of the Syrian Government.


-sit-in held by the Revolutionary Youth Movement in solidarity with hunger strike campaign in the Turkish jails, and in comnemnation of attacks carried by Turkish Occupation Forces on the region goes on in the city of Hasaka and that of Qamishlo. 

Life and society

-Head of the 47 Water Station Sleiman Xalil indicate that the Furat Project would provide the city of Hasaka with almost 15,000 cubic letters of water daily.  ( attached with photos and videos).  

-In relation to the bread problem in the Jazira Canton, the Bakeries Management assert that proposals made by bakers are being entrusted to the Economy Body, as a solution is expected soon. -