​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Plan 2-7-2022

 The people of the Girki  Legê district of Qamishlo canton and the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement march in cars against the occupation and treason attacks on Başûr Kurdistan, at exactly 09:00 am. (Photos and videos are attached)

 The international community continues its duplicity in dealing with the humanitarian file in Syria, while the process of depriving the regions of northern and eastern Syria of cross-border aid continues, the humanitarian situation is worsening in the region, which is still struggling with ISIS in an effort to uproot its roots.

 The comrades of the fighter, Farhad Shibli, confirmed that he left a mark in their memory, and they are following in his footsteps until achieving his goal, recalling the moments they experienced with the martyr Farhad during his struggle in Afrin.

 The people of Qamishlo city denounced the decisions taken against the Kurdish people in the agreement signed between Finland, Sweden and the Turkish occupation state under the auspices of NATO, and stressed that they would protect their revolution.


 Al-Qaeda took advantage of the policies of the Damascus government, the Turkish occupation and Qatar to expand its activity in Syria, trying to hide under different names throughout these years.  What were the circumstances that helped him?  What are the goals of this organization in the future?

 The Syrian Badia has recently witnessed an escalation by ISIS mercenaries against the forces of the Damascus government and the militias loyal to it.