​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Plan 3-10-2022

 While the Turkish occupation state continues to launch successive attacks on areas in Başûr, some figures about the reality of the force that Turkey has amassed inside the Kurdistan lands raise fears and many questions about the future of the region (photos attached).

 The peoples of the world, including the Syrian people, and the north and east of Syria in particular, are suffering under the influence of economic and living crises, due to the escalation of political and military conflicts and the rise in the severity of the global economic crisis. How has the region been affected by the high cost of living?  And what are the solutions? (photos attached).

 The promotion and dissemination of drugs in societies is one of the special methods of war used by hostile parties to paralyze the ability of the young group in particular, and to strike the resistance of the people and the displaced in al-Shahba, the Damascus government facilitates the process of promoting narcotics. (Photos and videos are attached).

 The people of Qamishlo canton considered that the Turkish attacks aimed at destabilizing the security and stability of the region;  To empty it of its residents, they also denounced the silence of the international community, considering it a partner in the extermination of the people of the region through the Turkish marches (photos and videos are attached).


 The second phase of the humanity and security campaign launched by the Internal Security Forces with the support of the Women's Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces continued in the most dangerous camps in the world for 24 days;  Dealing a severe blow to ISIS sleeper cells that became active and began to move to obstruct the campaign and launch counterattacks.  While their attempts to commit massacres were thwarted, the danger still remains (photos are attached).