​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency plan 4-10-20 2022

 A meeting is held between the dignitaries and sheikhs of Arab tribes in the eastern region of al-Hasakah canton, and leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces to discuss the latest military developments at 10.00 (photos and videos are attached)

 The so-called “de-escalation” areas, especially Idlib, witnessed build up by Russia and the Damascus government forces, in conjunction with the decline in optimistic statements regarding reconciliation between Damascus and the Turkish occupation, and the ambiguity of the latter’s position on the Russian-Western conflict over Ukraine, which has entered a critical stage. What are the implications of this escalation?  And where did the alleged reconciliation arrive? (photos attached)

 The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and its intelligence apparatus kidnapped 75 male and female citizens during September. They cut down 19,000 forest trees and seized 17,000 olive trees. They also proceeded to consolidate demographic change, building two new settlements in the occupied canton of Afrin. (Photos attached)

 A delegation from the Damascus government, during their meeting with the notables of the city of As-Suwayda, suggested “opening a settlement center” and “dissolving the local groups in the area,” as a “solution” to the outstanding issues in the area, for which the people of the city protested, to get the response, according to politicians from the city, by detonating a sound bomb  in front of the cultural center building where the meeting took place, as evidence of the people of As-Suwayda’s rejection of the “repeated” proposals and solutions of the Damascus government (photos attached)


 The commando operation against the Mezitli district police station in Mersin on September 26, and the discussions that followed remain a major topic of conversation.  HPG has adopted this commando operation.  It is worth noting that this type of operation appeared in a manner appropriate to the nature of modern warfare.  It's like the Zilan (Zeinab Kanaji) operation on June 30, 1996 in Dersim.  As is known, in the 1990s, the special war gangs Dogan Güneş, Mehmet Agar and Tansu Çiller, who were the leaders of the army, police and government, launched the concept of annihilation war.