Hawar News Agency Plan 4-7-2022

 All unions affiliated with civil society organizations in the city of Raqqa make a joint statement to demand a ban on Turkish flights flying over northern and eastern Syria at 11:00 in the city center (attached with photos and videos).

 The head of the Jane Women's Association in Lebanon, Bushra Ali, commented on the "disciplinary penalties" against leader Ocalan and considered them political decisions devoid of law, stressing that the imposed isolation does not target the person of the leader Ocalan, but rather targets the peoples who believe in his ideas, as she pledged to escalate the struggle, as women in particular to achieve the physical freedom of leader Ocalan (photos and videos are attached).

 Citizens of al-Hasakah canton affirm their steadfastness and adherence to the land in the face of attacks and threats to northern and eastern Syria, stressing the need to implement the principle of the Revolutionary Peoples’ War (photos and videos are attached).

 The co-chair of the Legislative Council in the city of Manbij and its countryside, Siham Hammo, condemned the repeated Turkish attacks on the city and its countryside, calling on the people to hold on to their land and not to give way to the occupiers (photos and videos are attached).

 Citizens condemned the anti-Kurdish stances adopted by Sweden and Finland, questioned the credibility of the two countries that claim to recognize the rights of peoples to defend them, and stressed that self-reliance is the most appropriate response to anti-Kurdish agreements (photos and video attached).


 The NATO summit meeting was held in the Spanish capital, Madrid, on the 28-30 of last June.  It was attended by a group of countries other than the 30 members of NATO;  Such as Austria, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, South Cyprus and Georgia, which is known as the "Pacific-Asia Square", in addition to the delegations of Sweden and Finland, which applied for membership in NATO, ie in the presence of a total of 14 other non-member countries.  Following the meeting, which was attended by representatives of 44 countries, the "NATO Strategic Concept Document" was announced.


 The Women’s Council of the Future Syria Party in Tabqa is holding a dialogue seminar on the suffering of women in light of the Syrian crisis (photos and videos are attached).