​​​​​​​Hawar news agency plan 5-12-2022

 Clan notables in Dêrik district of Qamishlo canton make a statement to the public opinion about their support for the Syrian Democratic Forces at 10:00, (attached with photos and video).

 The people of Serekaniye at Washo Kani camp in Al-Hasakah canton, take part in a demonstration to condemn the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan.  At 10.00 (video and photos attached).

 The Zenobia Women's Gathering in Manbij made a statement to the public opinion, to express the women's position on the Turkish occupation state's attacks on northern and eastern Syria, at 10:00 (attached with photos and videos).

 The Democratic Civil Administration of the city of Manbij and its countryside is holding a series of public meetings, in the city's neighborhoods and towns, to explain the latest political and military developments in Syria, including especially northern and eastern Syria, at different times and regions.  (Attached with photos and videos).

 Afrin's displaced people in the return camp in Sherawa district affirmed the continuation of resistance until the realization of their dream of liberating Afrin. (Attached with videos and photos).

 Members of the elders  Committee in the Euphrates region affirmed that arming the people of the region with resistance is the only way to defeat the Turkish occupation state and confront its attacks.  (Attached with videos and photos).

 Arab academics and writers confirmed that the Turkish occupation sees northern Syria and southern Kurdistan;  A gateway to control the Arab countries and the region in general, and to restore the glories of the Ottoman Empire, and they demanded the establishment of an Arab-Kurdish alliance;  To confront Turkish ambitions, and support the resistance of northern and eastern Syria and the Kurds by all means and capabilities.


 More than 200,000 people from al-Shahba canton and the displaced from occupied Afrin are facing a humanitarian catastrophe after the Damascus government tightened the unjust siege on the canton, which caused the closure of service, medical and educational institutions there.  (Attached with videos and photos).


 The head of the Syria First Party, Salman Shabib, affirmed that the Turkish occupation is working according to an occupation plan based on the principle of gradual annexation of the Syrian land, indicating that the occupation's ambitions are not confined to a specific city, as Erdogan claims, but rather extend to all of Syria and beyond as well, and his eyes today are on Aleppo and beyond.  If he could, he would call on the Syrians to unite and strengthen the elements of national steadfastness.  (Attached with videos and photos).