​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Plan 5-27-2023

*The co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement "TEV-DEM" explained that the solution to the Middle East crises passes through Imrali, so the struggle against the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan must be escalated, and she stressed the need for the Committee Against Torture to fulfill its responsibilities. (Attached with videos and photos).

*Abd al-Rahim al-Shaaban is preparing to work in the harvest of the agricultural season with the owner of a harvester, in a profession other than his profession, taking advantage of the season period to manage his family’s household affairs, after he was displaced from his home and work in Girê Spî canton,(Attached with videos and photos).

*Israel and Iran exchanged threats to launch a "major war" involving several fronts, before the Israeli military spokesman clarified that the army was not about to launch a war on Lebanon or strike Iran's nuclear facilities. On the other hand, what are the messages that Hezbollah wanted to convey through its recent maneuvers in southern Lebanon?

He wakes up with every dawn and goes to his field with vigor and activity in order to take care of it and says: We must join hands to protect our land, which is the source of our livelihood. (Attached with videos and photos).

*The Emira Library, which contains 15,000 books, has become a destination for lovers of reading, language and science. It has also turned into a place for intellectual exchange, where intellectuals and writers converge and exchange their opinions and ideas. (Attached with videos and photos).

*The people of the city of Hasaka bid farewell to the body of the fighter in the ranks of the commandos, Hussein Aziz, in addition to revealing the record of the martyr Adel Helio, who was martyred in the legitimate defense areas, in the shrine of the martyr Dijwar in the village of Al-Daoudia in Hasaka canton, at 10:00 (attached with videos and photos).

*The Sports Federation in the Jazera region is holding a badminton club championship in the sports hall in the city of Amuda, at 10:00 (attached with videos and photos).