​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Plan 5-7-2022

 The struggle march that was started by the revolutionary figure, Zaki Persos, to develop the health sector in Kurdistan, especially within the July 19 revolution in Rojava, continues today through his students who derived their true will from the martyr to overcome all adversities and achieve what they aspired to (photos are attached).

  One of the large massacres of Farman 2014 took place in the village of Qena, southeast of Shingal, whose details are told by the two survivors, Fawaz Sefil Amo and Ezdin Amin Hussein, who themselves escaped from thousands of bullets and from under the corpses of dozens of people in the mass grave that was opened on June 28, while the village still contains six graves  Other group (photos and video attached).

 The people of  Girkê lêgê district confirmed that the victory of the Guerilla forces is a victory for the Kurdish people, and they stressed the need to escalate the struggle and support them in the resistance to break the genocidal attacks by the Turkish occupation state (photos and videos are attached).

 Military academies perform great tasks in developing the personality of the fighter and reinforce their principles in defending their land against any threat that may affect it, while female fighters in the Women’s Protection Units who undergo training at the Martyr Jinda Academy in Hasaka confirm that they believe in their will and are ready to confront the enemy (photos are attached)  and video).

 With the escalation of Turkish attacks and their threats to occupy other areas of Syria, the people of the region are increasingly insisting on following the people's revolutionary war strategy to confront the Turkish occupation state (photos and videos are attached).

 Farid Atti explained that the law on children in north and east Syria is a modern law that guarantees the rights of children in all aspects, pointing out that the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria is committed to all international conventions and laws related to child protection (attached  pictures and video).

 An administrator in the Office of Organized Crime of the Internal Security Forces revealed that drug dealers in northern and eastern Syria are in direct contact with Turkish intelligence, calling on citizens to cooperate with them to eradicate the drug scourge that threatens the cultural and moral structure of society (photos and videos are attached).


 The Syrian Democratic Council is holding an expanded meeting of dignitaries, clan elders, political and military figures, and the people of the city of Manbij, under the title "Turkish threats to north and east Syria and their impact on the path of a political solution", at Al-Araby Restaurant at 10.00

 The office of the Zenobia Women's Gathering in Tabqa makes a statement to the public opinion at the Tabqa Martyrs' Shrine regarding the martyrdom of the fighter, Mazkin, at 9:00 (photos and videos are attached).

 life and society

 Indicators of the level of water stored in the southern Al-Hasakah dam, which has reached nearly a third of the main level, warn of an imminent humanitarian disaster in Al-Hasakah and Deir ez-Zor, as a result of the exodus of thousands of dunums of agricultural accounts and the death of thousands of fish, and the transformation of its banks into sources for the spread of diseases.