​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency plan 6 23 - 2022

 As part of the activities of Kongra Star to remember the Hallinj massacre, the people of Al-Darbasiyah district of Al-Hasakah canton, north and east of Syria, go out on a march at 10.00 am (photos and video attached).

 The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria sets up a mourning tent for the martyr Farhad Shibli in the city of Raqqa at 10.00 (photos and videos are attached).

 As part of the activities of Kongra Star to commemorate the martyrs of the Hallinj massacre, a demonstration is organized in northern and eastern Syria, where the demonstration will start at the entrance to the village of Hallinj, east of the city of Kobani, towards the house where the massacre took place in the center of the village of Hallinj.  10.00 hrs (photos and video attached).

 The sit-in tent is erected, "the panic of rituals", condemning the threats of the Turkish occupation and its attacks on the regions of north and east Syria, by notables and sheikhs of Arab and Kurdish clans in the Sarrin district of the Kobani canton in the Euphrates region.  10.00 hrs (photo and video attached)

 The activities of the first literary festival, which was held in the city of Kobani, conclude with the distribution of prizes to the winners of the festival’s competition, including writers and poets, within an artistic ceremony held at the Baki Khado Center for Culture and Art.  16:00 (photos and video attached).

 Kongra Star makes a statement on the anniversary of the martyrdom of the two Coordinator members of Kongra Star in the Euphrates region, Habon Mulla Khalil, Zahra Barkal and Mother Amina Wissi, at the shrine of the martyr Dalil Sarukhhan in Qamishlo.  10:00. (photos and video attached)

 The Free Media Union and the media institutions in north and east Syria make a statement about the attacks and threats of the Turkish occupation in front of the Martyr Robar roundabout in the city of Qamishlo at 11:00. (photos and videos are attached)

 Kongra Star organizes a commemoration march of the Hallinj massacre in Tel Hamis district at 10:00. (Photos and videos are attached)

 Zaidan Al-Assi explained that the Turkish occupation state is exploiting the dispersal of the international community at the present time, and its goal of attacks and threats is to strike the Autonomous Administration project, and stressed that they are counting "on our people to continue to stand with the Syrian Democratic Forces, and our forces are ready to repel any threat or attacks." (Annex  pictures and video).

 The mourners at the ceremony of the martyr Farhad Shibli affirmed that the peoples of northern and eastern Syria will take revenge for the blood of the martyr Farhad Shibli, which will be through strengthening the organization of their revolution.  (photos and video attached).


 Turkish violations of the sovereignty of Iraq and the region of South Kurdistan are increasing, as it is launching drone attacks, amid complete silence from the two governments, while an Iraqi researcher confirmed that the only deterrent to it is the option of resistance.

 The Egyptian expert in the affairs of extremist movements and international terrorism, Munir Adib, considered that the recruitment and deployment of "Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham" in occupied Afrin is a Turkish scheme aimed at removing the label of "terrorism" and using it to fight the Kurds, warning that this will lead to the emergence of a new ISIS.


 Today, two years have passed since the massacre committed by the Turkish occupation state against three female fighters in Kobani, and it is still continuing to commit massacres against women in the occupied areas and against the people of northern and eastern Syria without accountability, but the women confirm that they continue to follow the footsteps of the martyrs to achieve freedom for their people and defeat  occupied.