​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency Plan 6-7-2022.

 The war against the Kurdish people and the freedom movement continues, and disciplinary sanctions are imposed on the leader, Ocalan, on the other hand.  He confirmed that disciplinary sanctions are ridiculous, and they are doing this to create arguments to prevent visits (photos are attached).

 The administrator of the human rights organization in the Al-Jazera region;  Avin Juma on the situation of refugees in Bakur Kurdistan and Turkey, stressing that the fascist Turkish state exploits and uses refugees on one hand and violates their rights and exposes them to torture and killing, in violation of the Refugee Protection Convention adopted by the United Nations on the other hand. (Photos and videos are attached).

 The youth of the Euphrates region called on the people of the region to rally around the guerrilla forces, and stressed the need to organize themselves within the revolutionary war of the people to stand in the face of the attacks of the Turkish occupation state and thwart its plans (photos and videos are attached).

 Member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Amin Aliko, explained that the NATO countries and the Turkish state agreed to exterminate the Kurdish people, stressing that the resistance of the Guerilla in the face of the Turkish occupation is a resistance for existence, while the region’s intellectuals stressed the need for solidarity and resistance in the face of this  Threats and attacks (photo and video attached).

 The sons of the Circassian and Turkmen components in the city of Manbij stressed that the Turkish threats are not only against one component or the regions of northern and eastern Syria, but target all the Syrian people, stressing that the best solution to confront these threats is fundamental protection and popular resistance (photos and videos are attached).

 The world and the Middle East

 The countries of NATO are seeking by expanding the area of ​​the alliance to besiege Russia, but researchers said that the latter has the firepower and economic power to respond to this, while a British researcher considered Russia's military movements in its vicinity not linked to NATO, and that Moscow invented it to launch an "imperialist war of aggression."  (Pictures attached).


 The youth of the Euphrates region are demonstrating from the Free Women's Square to denounce the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan at 10.00 (photos and video are attached).

 The Syrian Revolutionary Youth organizes an event under the slogan "Against treachery and occupation, come to the battle of freedom" at the center of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement in Amuda district at 17:30. (photos and video attached)