​​​​​​​ Hawar News Agency Plan 6-8-2022

 Participants in the Aleppo consultative meeting said that the Autonomous Administration, as a project, has become the only one that demands the basic values ​​that were launched with the popular movement in Syria without changing the compass, considering it the main project for the democratization of Syria.  (Video and photos attached).

 The Secretary-General of the Syrian National Democratic Alliance Party, Ahmed al-Araj, stressed that the occupying Turkish state would take advantage of any opportunity to occupy more Syrian lands, pointing to Turkish attempts to invest in American pressure on Iranian influence in Syria and Iraq.

 The communes of Tarbespi district responded to the Autonomous Administration's call to declare a state of emergency throughout northern and eastern Syria in preparation for confronting the Turkish attacks on the region, by equipping more than 70 shelters that were provided with basic needs, as well as opening training courses on how to use weapons, as well as courses in first aid. (Video and photos attached).

 The head of the General Council of the Future Syria Party in the Euphrates region, Farhan Hajj Issa, called on the international coalition to clarify its position regarding the attacks of the Turkish occupation targeting those who defeated ISIS mercenaries and eliminated terrorism, while the Vice-President of the Council of the Future Syria Party in Manbij, Muhammad Barkal, stressed the importance of cohesion.  Popular with military forces and the Autonomous Administration to maintain the region.  (Video and photos attached).

 The Deputy Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Hamdan Al-Abed, reiterated that the administration is open to the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, which has preserved Syria's unity, stressing the need for a national dialogue to resolve the Syrian crisis away from the military option.  (Video and photos attached).

 Students of the Mechatronics Department at the Higher Institute of Technical Sciences at Rojava University presented their graduation projects by creating technical models and miniature robots that can be used after developing them in several areas that serve humans.  (Video and photos attached).


 In the villages located a few meters away from the contact lines with the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, women build dams and dig trenches, according to the principles of the People's Revolutionary War to protect themselves and confront the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.  (Video and photos attached).

 The Yazidi Women's Freedom Movement held the governments of Baghdad and Erbil responsible for the August 3 massacre in Shingal committed by ISIS mercenaries against the Yazidis, while a female fighter in the Women's Protection Units who had participated in the Shingal liberation campaign confirmed that the Yazidi people manage themselves through their own administration.