Hawar news agency plan 9-25-2022

 The people of Girke Lege district go out in a demonstration to denounce the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, at 10:00. (photos and video are attached)

 The co-chair of the Tel Tamer district council praised the people's resistance despite the continuous Turkish attacks on the area, which deprive them of the basic necessities of life, especially water and electricity.  (photo and video attached)

 The people of the southern region of al-Hasakah canton in northern and eastern Syria are protesting against the Iranian state’s killing of Mahsa Amini, at 10 am in al-Shaddadi district. (Photos and videos are attached)

  The residents of Washo Kani camp in the city of Hasaka in northern and eastern Syria, in a demonstration condemning the killing of Mahsa Amini, at 10 am (photos and videos are attached)

  The people of Al-Hasakah city, in the north and east of Syria, protest against the killing of Mahsa Amini, at 11:00 pm in the city.  (photo and video attached)

 The administrator of the Academy of Democratic Society, Musa Khalil, stressed that the physical freedom of the leader Ocalan will be a fatal blow to the ruling regimes, so it seeks, by imposing and tightening "disciplinary penalties" on him, to undermine the freedom of an entire people in his person, stressing that "the time has come for the leader's physical freedom."  .(attached with pictures and video)


 The dilemma of the families of foreign ISIS mercenaries in al-Hol camp continues without a solution, and at a time when the Syrian Democratic Forces seek to avoid the situation from getting out of control through security campaigns implemented in the camp, the international forces continue to evade their responsibility and procrastinate in reaching an appropriate solution, as an expert in Islamic groups warned that “the results of  this procrastination would be disastrous for everyone."


 The past week witnessed an exacerbation of the living crisis in the areas of the Damascus government, which prompted the people of As-Suwayda to return to the protests, while the Iraqi political crisis continued due to the dispute between the coordination framework and the Sadrist movement, while the protests expanded in Iran against the background of the killing of the young woman, Jina Amini.