Hawar news agency plan 9-29-2022

 The Zenobia Women’s Gathering in Raqqa makes a statement to the public opinion regarding the co-chairs of the Justice and Reform Affairs Office as a result of a drone attack by the Turkish occupation, at 10:00 (attached with video and photos)

 The Council of Martyrs' Families in the city of Manbij and its countryside makes a statement condemning the attacks of the Turkish occupation on the region, targeting the co-chairs of the Office of Justice and Reform Affairs in the Jazira region - at 10:30.  (Video and photos attached).

 The father of the martyr, Habon Mulla, demanded that the people deceived by the Turkish occupation state return to their senses.  The Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) also demanded to stop following the path of treason.  (Video and photos attached)

 Lawyers in north and east Syria have formed a committee to document violations in north and east Syria, which is an unprecedented step through which lawyers aim to refer violations and crimes to international forums, especially those committed by the Turkish occupation state.  (Video and photos attached)

 The head of the Council of the Future Syria Party in the city of Manbij and its countryside, Azab Al-Aboud, warned the people of the region against the Turkish attempts to turn the coexisting components in north and east Syria against each other, and called for strengthening cohesion and confronting the colonial plans of the Turkish state.  (Video and photos attached)

 Jurists from the city of Raqqa confirmed that the exemption of the leader Abdullah Ocalan from the "right to hope" by the Turkish fascist authorities is a violation of European and international charters and laws, and they stressed the need to achieve the physical freedom of the leader Ocalan.  (Video and photos attached)

 As part of their projects for 2022, the Public Lighting Department in the city of Raqqa has finished lighting many main and secondary streets within the city’s neighborhoods, and has an action plan to complete lighting in 5 other neighborhoods, while the People’s Municipality in the town of Mansoura in Tabqa city launched a sewage project at the southern end of the town that serves  more than 200 homes, in addition to a lighting project at its entrance.  (Video and photos attached)

 The administrator of the Syrian Democratic Council in the center of Aleppo, Jihan Muhammad, said that the rapprochement between the Damascus government and the Turkish occupation state is the result of the failure of Turkish policy, calling for the necessity of activating a national dialogue between Syrians and not being drawn into Turkish games aimed at dividing Syria.  (Video and photos attached)

 a report

 In light of the economic deterioration in the country, the “Central Bank of Syria” affiliated with the Damascus government increased the suffering of the Syrians by raising the exchange rate of the US dollar to 3015 pounds, in a move that economic experts considered evidence of the government’s complicity with traders and financiers by withdrawing what is in the pockets of the citizen by raising prices  Increasing taxes, and evidence of its failure to provide economic and political solutions to the country.