Hawar News Agency plan 9-8-20 2022

 The Martyrs’ Families Council in the city of Qamishlo will set up a mourning tent for the martyrs of the Al-Sina’a neighborhood in the city of Qamishlo, in front of the shrine of the martyr Dalil Sarukhan in the city of Qamishlo at 9:00, while the mourning tent for the martyr Mazloum will be held in front of his family’s house in Amuda district (photos and video attached)

 A mass demonstration takes place in the city of Hasaka, denouncing the continuous attacks  by the Turkish fascist state on northern and eastern Syria, and the failure of America and Russia to demand the imposition of a no-fly zone on the region, at 9:30 am.

 Al-Hasakah canton council makes a statement in front of the headquarters of the International Coalition in Ghweran neighborhood, condemning the Turkish occupation attacks on north and east Syria, at 10.00 (photos and videos are attached).

 The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the Jazira region confirmed that the Tehran and Sochi meetings turned into a meeting to deepen the Syrian crisis and conclude agreements to divide the Syrian territories, calling on all the people of northern and eastern Syria to resist and resist the genocidal attacks (photos and videos are attached).

 Syrian figures said that decentralization is an antidote to the rift created by the occupation and the rule of the Baath Party among the Syrian components, stressing the importance of unity among the components of the Syrian people to resume the attempt to rise from the crisis (photos and videos are attached).

 Arab and Turkish researchers and writers affirmed that the continued deprivation of the leader Ocalan of his rights and depriving him of meeting his family and his lawyer represents a major violation of international law and human rights, stressing that international forces and organizations employ the human rights file as a policy to serve their interests (photos are attached).

 From al-Qaeda through ISIS to the Turkish occupation, and between their different names and the severity of the attacks and their causing of various crimes, the message of survival was embodied among the residents of Tal Tamr district, west of Hasakah canton, in steadfastness to this day, and not giving up their land in the face of all attacks (photo and video attached)  .

 The series of crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the people of occupied Afrin continues, from issuing death sentences, killing, kidnapping, torture, cutting trees, destroying nature and looting archaeological sites, while our agency documented the most prominent crimes during the last 10 days in the occupied canton of Afrin (photos and videos are attached).

 The sheikhs and dignitaries of the Arab clans in the city of Raqqa affirmed their support for the Oath operation launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces against the spies and agents, and demanded that the most severe penalties be imposed against the agents and spies and the need to continue the operation until their arrest (photos and videos are attached).

 The military academies of the Syrian Democratic Forces are intensifying the training of their fighters intellectually and militarily, and on new innovative and advanced fighting methods in line with the ongoing threats and attacks in north and east Syria, in an effort to raise the level of fighters (photos and videos are attached).

With the continued security chaos throughout the city of Daraa, which is subject to the so-called "settlement", the Damascus government targeted the city of Tafas with heavy weapons, while the Syrian dissident, Yassin al-Balkhi, considered this escalation a "new play" aimed at spreading terror in the hearts of people and subjecting them to its demands in order to serve foreign agendas.  (Pictures attached).

 The people of Tel Rifaat are digging trenches next to their homes to confront the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and they say: "The Turkish state is an occupying state and it will leave our land, whether it likes it or not." (photos and video attached).


 The required agreement regarding the Turkish military operation in Rojava was not achieved in the meeting held in Tehran between the three sponsors of the Astana meetings.  Iran and Russia opposed any possible intervention, making it clear that this posed a danger to them.  In the joint final statement of the Tehran meeting, partnership and cooperation agreements between Russia and Iran appeared, and their demand for the withdrawal of the United States of America from Syria.  They also made Turkey a partner in their demands.  In the Tehran meeting, Iran and Russia agreed and sought to keep Turkey in the game.


 Ezdina Organization is holding a dialogue session entitled "Governance and Strengthening the Role of Yazidi Youth to Reach Decision Making", at the Yazidi House in Terbespi district, at 10.00 (photos and video attached).


 Shafa Sawan, a Syrian social researcher and feminist activist, considered that the Turkish occupation state's targeting of the leader, Gian Tolheldan, targeted the struggle of free women, and said, "The struggle of women brings terror into the heart of the occupier." (Attached with pictures).