Hawar News Agency Scheme May 21-20 2022

 The co-chair of the Office of the Interfaith Forum in Aleppo and one of the notables of Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, Sheikh Ali Al-Hassan, highlighted the devastating effects of the first and second world wars on the Arabs and the Kurds, calling on the two peoples and the rest of the peoples of the region to strengthen their unity to get rid of the catastrophic effects of those wars (photos and videos are attached).

The representative of the Al-Sharabain tribe in Syria warned of the danger of the Turkish settlement project in Syria, Iraq and the Middle East in general, by financing some Brotherhood associations in Qatar and Kuwait, stressing that it seeks to dismantle the peoples of the region and exterminate indigenous peoples and cultures (photos and videos are attached).

 The Palestinian academic, Wissam Rafidi, said that those who collect donations to support the Turkish settlement campaigns in northern Syria are associations affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist movements that exploit religion in order to promote Erdogan as an Ottoman caliph. He stressed that the goal is to create a new reality that supports the division of Syria and the establishment of an isolationist enclave under influence.  Ottoman (photos attached).

 The joint head of the Planning, Development and Statistics Office stated that after the completion of the population the process, they will start planning projects. He said: "According to the latest data related to service plans, building construction will begin, and development centers will be opened in order to reduce the unemployment rate" (photos and videos are attached).


 Many definitions of fascism have been made.  It can be said that the essence of all definitions is;  The most brutal and bloody capitalist dictatorship.

 The world and the Middle East

Despite the passage of nearly 7 months since the elections in Iraq, and despite the political forces putting forward several initiatives, Iraq is entering a dark political tunnel, as a researcher believes that these mutual political initiatives did not bring anything new, and in his opinion they may be an attempt by the parties  To gain more parliamentary support (photos attached).