​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency's plan of May 28 2022

Under the auspices of the Diwan of Literature for North and Syria, the activities of the "Literary Week" are launched in the city of Qamishlo under the slogan "Literature is the echo of the pain and hopes of society."  15.00 (photos and video attached).

 The Legislative Council in the Al-Jezira region holds a regular meeting in the Executive Council meeting room in Amuda district, at 10:00.  (photos and video attached).

 Kongra Star makes a statement to the public opinion, in the city of Hasaka, regarding the murder of the child Waad Al-Fares 13:00.  (photos and video attached).

 Al-Hol camp is the most dangerous place.  Where religious intolerance spreads and everyone who opposes the imposed ideas is killed, in general, people who do not support their ideas are punished, as they impose laws on the people, and those who violate are held accountable.  (photos and video attached).

 The solidarity of the coexisting components in northern and eastern Syria constitutes the first line of defense against internal and external conspiracies aimed at occupying its lands, changing its demographics and displacing its original inhabitants, amid the citizens' assertion not to allow their democratic project "self-management" to be undermined. (photos and video attached).

 The Vice-President of the Aleppo Council of the Future Syria Party, Baraa Mahmoud, said that the settlement project and the deportation of Syrian refugees from Turkey and their resettlement in the occupied areas aims to change the demographics and erase the historical identity of the region, stressing that the Turkish occupation state wants to create a new Cyprus.  (photos and video attached).

 Yezidis in northern and eastern Syria confirmed that the attacks on Şengal came after the defeats that the Turkish occupation state received at the hands of the Peoples Defense Forces in the legitimate defense areas (Media), and said: " Şengal is the heart of Kurdistan and the hostile forces are seeking to separate it from it." (Photo and video attached)  .


 The two martyrs, Slava and Berivan martyrdom paved the way for thousands of women to join the Women's Protection Units. They were among the first to join the Rojava revolution. Female fighters from the units confirm that they will continue the march of the two martyrs and all the female martyrs who chose martyrdom for the cause of women's liberation to remain submissive under the mercy of the masculine regime;  (photos and video attached).


 The Iraqi researcher and historian, Dr. Jawad Al-Baydani, confirmed that the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is trying to implement the "neo-Ottomanism" and extend his influence to the countries of the region through his aides and the parties loyal to him.