Hawar News Center 25-5-2020

Follow up the events in the northeast of Syria.

Follow-up activities and activities in northeast Syria.

-Spokesman for elders and clan notables in the Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhood in the city of Aleppo, Ahmed al-Quraishi, stressed the right to adopt the philosophy of Ocalan to build a democratic Syria, noting that the Kurds and Arabs must own their decision and defend against the tyrant forces (attached with pictures and videos)

Society and life

- Citizens of Qamishlo city take advantage of landfills, to grow vegetables, to achieve self-sufficiency (attached with pictures and videos).

- As summer approaches, and with the spread of diseases and epidemics in the camp, the administration of the "Washokani" camp demanded the concerned authorities and organizations to provide medical services for the displaced, vaccines and pesticide complaining at the same time about the almost complete absence of the work of the organizations (attached with pictures and video).