Hawar news releases dossiers on Turkish state, its mercenaries' war crimes against religious communities along border

Our Agency, Hawar News Agency, has prepared dossiers on war crimes and violations committed by the Turkish State directly or indirectly with the mercenaries of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Jabhit al-Nusra), Ahrar al-Sham and the Islamic Turkstani Party supported by the Justice and Development Party along the border strip against the different religious communities, which today aims to occupy it by various means and repeat its massacres.

In the midst of discussions about a safe area along the border between Syria and Turkey, promoted by the Erdogan government under the pretext of securing its borders, this signifies the mechanism of continuing ethnic cleansing of religions and ethnic groups in that targeted area, after committing many massacres, forced displacement and demographic change against Christians, Yezidis, Druze, and other ethnic and religious groups in the cities and villages of the border strip from the coastal city of Kasab, northwest of Syria, to the city of Dêrêk on the bank of the Tigris in the northeast.

In this context, a three-part dossier has been prepared, including war crimes and violations in detail committed directly by the Turkish State or indirectly by mercenaries it supported, including border areas and towns and villages, from the coastal Kasab to Idlib and Afrin to Tel Abyad, Serê Kaniyê and Tirbe Spiyê where religious communities are densely located in these areas: Armenians, Syriacs, Alawites, Yezidis, Druze and Ismailis.

Today, these communities suffer from threats despite freedom from the abomination of terrorism supported by the government of the Justice and Development Party, and have repeatedly appealed to the international community for their protection against Turkish interference and violations of international laws, customs and human rights.


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