Head of the Tunisian government resigns

On Wednesday, Tunisian Prime Minister Elias El-Fakhfakh submitted his resignation to President Qais Saeed, after a strong dispute with Al-Nahda, which began efforts to withdraw confidence from him.

It is expected that President Saeed will appoint another person in the next few days to form a government in a period not to exceed two months.

 Political sources told Reuters on Wednesday that Tunisian Prime Minister Elias Fakhfakh submitted his resignation, hours after the news of the Tunisian president demanding that he resign.
The Tunisian media had indicated earlier Wednesday that President Qais Saeed asked the Prime Minister, Elias El-Fakhfakh, and his government to submit their resignations.

According to a number of Tunisian sources, the Tunisian president asked El-Fakhfakh and his government to submit their resignations, after receiving a petition from the office of the Tunisian parliament demanding the withdrawal of confidence from the latter.

The President’s request to the Prime Minister to resign comes at a time when all Tunisians are following the developments of the conflict of interest file for El-Fakhfakh , regarding deals related to companies and shares he owns in its capital.

And Thursday, a war of parliamentary regulations broke out between the Tunisian parties, one of which calls for the withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Elias Al-Fakhfakh, while the other calls for the withdrawal of confidence from Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi, due to the escalating dispute between him and the Al-Nahda Movement, which decided to go to parliament to withdraw its confidence from it.

The resignation of El-Fakhfakh would cut the way to the renaissance, which secured the necessary votes to withdraw confidence from El-Fakhfakh, and consequently the initiative to appoint a new prime minister would return to it, as the president of the republic would have the right to choose again the best person to succeed the resigned prime minister, as stipulated in Chapter 98 of the Tunisian constitution.

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