Health Body: 218 civilians martyred, 635 wounded by Turkish's shelling

The Health Body in the Autonomous Administration that the shelling of the Turkish occupation army and attacks on areas of northern and eastern Syria, resulted in the killing of 218 civilians and wounding 635 others.

The Health Body of the Democratic Autonomous Administration that the indiscriminate shelling of the Turkish occupation of populated cities and attacks on the region, has so far killed 218 civilians and wounded 635 others, including 35 children.

The Health Authority has issued a distress call to UN organizations to stop attacks on the town of Serêkaniyê, in order to evacuate the wounded.

According to information reported by ANHA correspondents from the city, the Turkish occupation army is bombing the hospital intensively and trying to reach it, noting that the hospital is densely crowded with civilians wounded, and fears that Turkey and its mercenaries may commit massacres against the wounded, especially as it resorted to bombard the city with internationally prohibited weapons.







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