"Heftenin Resistance is one of Kurdish revolutions, we must support it"

Kurdish politicians in Tel Tamr considered that the Turkish occupation's attacks target all parts of Kurdistan, asking the Kurdish forces to support Heftenin resistance and to stand up to Turkey because it is one of the Kurdish revolutions.

The Turkish occupation army continues its attacks on the mountains of "Heftenin" in southern Kurdistan with its military weight and all types of weapons under the pretext of establishing the safe zone and protecting its national security.

The intervention of the Turkish state in the Arab countries and neighboring countries confirms its adherence to its Ottoman dream and the restoration of its hegemony over the region in accordance with the Milli Pact concluded in 1920.

The attacks of the Turkish occupation on the mountains of Heftenin and the defensive zones of Midea in southern Kurdistan are the speech of the Kurdish Street in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, considering that it targets the Kurdish people in all four parts of Kurdistan and targets the gains they have made.

Its hostility is historical and attacks increased after the Kurdish initiative

Mohamed Saeed,the Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party Office in Tel Tamr explained to Hawar news agency that the attacks of the Turkish occupation are not the first. Turkey's hostility towards the Kurdish people is a historical enmity, as it always attacks the Kurdish people under false pretenses and aims to annihilate it.

Mohamed Saeed pointed out that Turkey's argument to protect its national security is weak, as it is now interfering in Arab countries such as Libya and Yemen, and these countries have no borders with Turkey to become a threat to it. He said: "Turkey's goal of its attacks on northern and eastern Syria and the legitimate defense zones is to restore its Ottoman domination and control of the region again."

Saeed points out that the attacks of the Turkish occupation on the Kurdish people increased after the initiative launched by the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, regarding the unification of the Kurdish parties and the Kurdish speech.

The Kurdish people must remember the first enemy of the Kurdish revolutions with their different dates

The attacks of the Turkish occupation on "Heftenin" and Media zones are taking place while the Iraqi government and Kurdistan Region remain silent and do not defend the security of their borders in a move that observers see as having a hand in what is going on there.


Saeed notes that "the Kurdish people and the Region government should be aware of the Turkish plans of their recent attacks on the mountains of Heftenin and the defensive zones of Media. Its aim is not to fight the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK); the Turkish state and its Ottoman sultans were the first to stand up against the Kurdish people's revolutions throughout history. And they were the ones who stood up to the referendum decision, as it was the reason the Region government and people did not reach their goal and rights."

Targeting "Hefetnin" is a target against all Kurdistan regions and forces

In the context of his speech, Saeed indicated that the Turkish attacks on the mountains of Heftenin are tantamount to an attack on Amed, Mahabat, Hewler and Qamishlo, and that they target all Kurdish forces. He said: "The Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan must be aware of the reality experienced by the Kurdish people from the attacks that target their brothers and children, and the fighters who are martyred in resisting the Turkish occupation army are the children of the Kurdish people."

Destruction of Kurdish gains

For his part, the Official of the Kurdish Left Party in Syria, Ismail Hajj Farhan, explained that they in the Kurdish political parties are fully aware that the Turkish state is an occupying country.

Hajj Farhan continued his speech saying: "Turkey's attacks on southern Kurdistan and its mountains are not only to fight the PKK, as it is trying to destroy the gains made by the region's government and the peoples of the region in southern Kurdistan, even if it could, it would attack the Kurdish people in eastern Kurdistan in addition to its occupation of these areas."

"If the Kurds one day reach an agreement with the Iranian government, then the Turkish state will be the first to stand in the way of the understandings and will be against them," he added.

Supporting the resistance of "Heftenin" and the uprising in the face of Turkey

Hajj Farhan called on the Kurdish people in parts of Kurdistan and the Kurdish political parties to rise up in the face of Turkish attacks, and to support the resistance shown by the PKK fighters in Qandil Mountains, Heftenin and the defense zones of Media, and he said, "We must also support all Kurdish revolutions that stand in the face of the occupation forces and forces hostile to Kurdistan."

The Official of the Kurdish Left Party in Syria, Ismail Hajj Farhan, pointed out at the end of his speech, that "the Kurdish people have the right to defend their lands against Turkish attacks because it is the one that fights the Kurdish people and try to suppress their identity in the view of the international community and the major countries, so we must resist until we reach our goals and rights."



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