(HER) one of Turkish soldier killed, 3 others wounded in Afrin

Afrin Liberation Forces (HER) has revealed the killing one soldier of the Turkish occupation and wounding 3 others, during operation carried out in one occupied Afrin's villages

 Afrin Liberation Forces issued on Wednesday, a statement to the public opinion, revealing in which a Turkish soldier was killed and three others injured during an operation in the village of Cilbirê east of Afrin.

The statement said:

"Our forces continue to carry out military operations against the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin and its surrounding, leaving more killed and wounded in the ranks of the mercenaries.

In this context:

On 25 June, our forces targeted by qualitative operation of two points of the concentration of theTurkish occupation army's soldiers in the village of Cilbirê in Sherwa district, where a Turkish soldier was killed and three others were seriously injured, and the two points were destroyed.



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