Hesso: Turkish mercenaries are continuation to Daesh, regime must accept democratic Syria's project

Aisha Hesso said, "Coalition countries must show a firm stance on the Syrian territories occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries because they are the main supply lines for Daesh, and the Syrian regime must accept the democratic Syria's project to get out of the crisis."

The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Aisha Hesso talked in an interview with Hawar news agency (ANHA) about Daesh's defeat militantly and the Turkish occupation's plans in north and east of Syria, and said: "It is no secret that all the mercenary and terrorist gangs that have emerged in north and east of Syria are linked to the Turkish authorities. They are changing names and clothes only."

Aisha Hesso said that the victory over IS mercenaries in conjunction with Newroz celebrations created a new historic victory for humanity, and said: "The mercenaries, who entered Afrin with the Turkish occupation, initially destroyed the statue of Kawa al-Haddad, the symbol of freedom and peace and the torch of Newroz for the Kurdish people. By triumphing over Daesh, Newroz and the spirit of Kawa were reborn, and those mercenaries who worked to enslave women were defeated by the power of free women fighters. The entire world owes today to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for their victory and to rid the world of the largest terrorist and bloody terrorist organization of the modern era."

The areas of the "Euphrates Shield" mercenaries are corridors, and base of Daesh

Aisha noted that the silence of the international community towards the Turkish violations and occupation of Syria made Turkey plans to stay longer in Syria, and said: "Since 2011, the Turkish occupation has been planning and plotting to occupy the north and east of Syria, and its goal is to exterminate the Kurdish people in this region and that was clear through Turkey's support for Daesh during its attacks on Kobani. And today, Turkey and its mercenaries occupy Afrin and commit the most egregious violations, all this is taking place amid international silence and disregard for the violations of Turkey for the sake of their interests, and this silence encourages Turkey to continue planning to stay permanently in Syria. Therefore, the international community must show its frank attitude towards the occupation of Turkey and its mercenaries to the north and east of Syria, especially as these occupied areas have become a passage and a base for Daesh after their defeat in their last stronghold."

The mentality of all Turkey's mercenaries is one and the difference is only in their clothes

Aisha Hesso confirmed that all the mercenary gangs existed in the northern regions of Syria with different names are linked to Turkey and are associated with the same mentality of Daseh and the Turkish fascism, and their different names are only a change of clothes, but the mentality does not change. Although some countries have issued statements and reports confirming Turkey's direct support for Daseh, but it should not be just talking and there must be a practical action to expose Erdogan's government and hold it accountable for supporting terrorism.

The Syrian regime must accept democratic Syria's project

Aisha Hesso said at the end of her speech that the biggest obstacles facing a solution to the Syrian crisis is the Turkish occupation and interference in the Syrian issue, and said: "Turkey is constantly deepening the Syrian crisis. Therefore, the Syrian regime must look positively at the victories achieved by the Syrian Democratic Forces that defeated and liberated the north and east of Syria, but unfortunately, the regime did not issue any statement and did not show any good faith towards SDF who defeated Daesh. This shows that the mentality of the Syrian regime is still exclusionary, and it must accept Syria's democratic project until the country gets out from its crisis."



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