Hesso: What takes place in Şengal is continuation of conspiracy targeting Kurds

The Co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement, Gharib Hesso, said that the military build-ups in the outskirts of Şengal cannot be viewed far from the Turkish attacks on northern and eastern Syria, and on Başûr Kurdistan, and stressed that they come in the context of the conspiracy targeting the Kurds.

This came in an interview held by our agency with Co-chair of Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), Gharib Hesso, about Iraqi forces' mobilization in Şengal province.

Hesso described the agreement between Baghdad government and Başûr Kurdistan government led by Kurdistan Democratic Party as "ominous," and stressed that it does not serve Yazidi people.

He pointed out that representatives of Yazidis in Şengal held many meetings with Iraqi officials, but their demands were paid no heed.

Hesso considered this agreement as a "new decree" against Yazidis who were subject to massacres and atrocities at the hands of ISIS when they managed to occupy the area within 24 hours, while Iraqi forces and Peshmerga fled, and he said: "Iraqi government and Başûr Kurdistan government gave up Şengal for ISIS Grey Wolves without resistance."

Hesso recalled how Şengal was liberated from ISIS thanks to the Kurdistan People's Defense Forces, without the Iraqi forces or the Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Democratic Party having any role, and he said that the whole world witnessed the resistance of Guerrilla forces and Yazidis to liberate Şengal.

Hesso said: "Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) performed its moral and humanitarian duty towards Yazidi people, and made sacrifices for Yazidi community and for preserving Yazidi culture, and then returned to Kurdistan mountains."

He pointed out that the liberation of Şengal is entering its sixth year, and during these years, the governments of Baghdad and Hewlêr have not provided any support to Yazidis who were displaced, killed and kidnapped by ISIS. On the contrary, when the Syrian Democratic Forces were liberating Şengal women from ISIS, Baghdad government refused their entry to its land.

Hesso wondered about the reason for the Iraqi mobilization on the outskirts of Şengal now, and said: "Why is this mobilization on the borders of Şengal, 10,000 Iraqi soldiers intend to deprive Yazidis of their will and destroy what Yazidis achieved with their blood? It seems that Baghdad government wants Yazidis to surrender or it will kill them."

He continued: "The army heading to Şengal now is the same one that fled an ISIS patrol in 2014, so what Yazidis are subject to today is a new decree. Why did not 10,000 Iraqi soldiers turn to prevent ISIS from committing massacres against Yazidis in 2014? Why do they now want to enter the region?"

Hesso believed that this mobilization is not considered a positive step; rather, it is a very dangerous step that threatens Yazidis and their presence in Şengal, warning that any step taken by Iraq means escalation against Yazidis, and this means for the latter "existence or non-existence, and resistance or death."

Hesso criticized the Iraqi government's position on Şengal, and said if Iraq state was truly federal, it would have recognized the Autonomous Administration of Şengal, adding: "If Iraqi government continues its position, there will be bloodshed again and some parties will benefit from it," in an indication to the Turkish occupation.

The Co-chair Gharib Hesso appealed to the international community to immediately intervene and stop what Yazidis are exposed to, especially the United Nations which sponsored the agreement between Baghdad and Hewlêr governments, targeting Yazidis and their presence in Şengal.

Hesso emphasized that Yazidi community and the Autonomous Administration in Şengal will not give up their will for an army that did not protect them, nor will they surrender, but they will defend themselves and their defense is legitimate."

Hesso did not rule out that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) forces will participate in entering Şengal accompanied by Baghdad forces, in addition to the two sides resorting to besieging Şengal and starving its people in order bring them to their knees. He said: "They will prevent our people from practicing their religious rituals. The conspiracy is big against Şengal."

Hesso expressed his regret at the position of Baghdad government, and continued saying: "Baghdad should have been a center for resolving disputes and not a center for plans aimed at exterminating people."

Hesso warned Hewlêr government of its plan, and said: "It must be well aware that if Şengal is controlled today, then Başûr will also be controlled later."

The Co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement, Gharib Hesso, pointed out that there is a joint scheme targeting Kurds, not only in Şengal, but also in the mountains of Kurdistan and northern and eastern Syria.

He added: "Turkey occupied Afrin 3 years ago, occupied Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî a year ago, and now it is attacking Tel Tamr and Ain Issa, it is present in Başûr Kurdistan and is attacking the mountains of Kurdistan as well, and here the Iraqi government wants to control Şengal. These developments cannot be seen independently of one another, it is a joint scheme."

In the conclusion of his speech, Gharib Hesso stressed that the mentality of non-acceptance of the other prevails in the Middle East, and it is the cause of all the massacres and tragedies that the peoples of the region are exposed to, especially the Kurdish people. He said: "Dialogue and acceptance of the other is the only way to solve all the problems in the region."



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