Hevin Ismail: Horrible crimes committed in Tel-Abyad, as they did in Afrin

The co-chair of Tel-Abyad canton council has confirmed that the Turkish occupation and its gangs begun their atrocities practices and committing acts like looting, stealing, kidnapping and burning homes as they did in Afrin, they do the same thing in Tel-Abyad , demanding from the international society to show decisive decision to stop these crimes which committed against our people in the area.

Regarding the latest situation in the city of Tel-Abyad and its countryside after the occupation, the co-chair of the Tel-Abyad canton council Hevin Ismail spoke to ANHA agency and said: "After the occupation of Turkey and its mercenaries toTel-Abyad canton, the city is deplorable."

Hevin added: "We receive information about citizens who have not been displaced from the city and remained within the extent of violations by the occupation army and mercenaries, stressing that looting, killing and kidnapping continues against unarmed civilians in addition to burning houses after stealing."

Hevin Ismail said that three-quarters of the citizens of Tel-Abyad were displaced to safe areas in al-Raqqa or Jalabiyya belonging to Kobani canton and added:" We, as the Tel-Abyad canton council, are now among the people of Tel-Abyad and are working daily to ensure their needs in full swing. We have sorted the staff of the council into three sections in al-Raqqa, one in Ain Issa and the other in Jalabiyya to meet the demands of the displaced and organize them until the defeat of the occupation and the mercenaries of Turkey. ''

The co-chair of Tel-Abyad canton council Hevin Ismael appealed to world public opinion, humanitarian organizations and the United Nations to seriously consider the situation of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, which is exposed to massacres, displacement and violations by NATO ally "Turkish occupation state", and to stop its violations and get them out of Syrian territories.



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