Hevin Ismail: Partition wall revealed Erdogan's allegations

The co-chair of Girê Spî Council, Hevin Ismail, said: Turkey's construction of a cement wall in the west of the canton reveals the falsehood of Erdogan's claims to establish a "safe zone" as he calls it, and confirms that the truth of Turkey's intentions is to annex more Syrian lands in preparation for annexation to Turkey.

The talk of the co-chair of the Girê Spî District Council / Tel Abyad H Ismail came during a meeting conducted by ANHA's correspondents with it, commenting on the start of the Turkish occupation state by building a partition wall between the areas it occupied after its barbaric attack on NE, Syria areas on October 9 last year, AA's areas.

Hevin Ismail began her speech by saying: "The intentions of the Turkish state towards our regions are clear to the peoples of the region from the beginning, that it is an occupation of them and not, as Erdogan claims to the media, to establish a safe zone as he calls it."

She added: "The Syrian people have previous experiences with the Turkish occupation state and its violations in the areas it occupies, as they did in Afrin, in which they built a concrete wall after its occupation on January 18, 2018."

She pointed out that Turkey's start to build a cement wall west of Tel-Abyed is a clear indication of Erdogan's ambitions in our land and reveals the falsehood of his previous claims to establish a safe zone as he shows in front of the media and gives arguments to public opinion to justify its occupation of Syrian lands.

"The silence of the international community and the United Nations is the reason for Erdogan 's prolongation and occupation of neighboring countries, because there is no deterrent of them for his actions and violations committed against us," the co-chair of Tel- Abyed County Council noted.

She concluded her speech by calling on the international community to see Erdogan's intentions and ambitions that have begun to surface and clarify to the whole world, and to deter him from his current violations against the Syrian people, which, if they continue, will cause more tragedies for the people of the region, and keep the state of displacement of hundreds of thousands of people from the areas occupied in Syria.

The Turkish occupation state recently started building a concrete wall consisting of concrete blocks between the villages of Kandala and Jalabah (14 km west of Tel-Abyed district), in an intention to annex the lands it recently occupied in NE, Syria to Turkey.




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