High Corona incidence, death cases in Palestine and Israel

The number of Coronavirus infections in Palestine has risen to 236, as the Israeli Ministry of Health recorded an increase in total infections in Israel to 9,755, and the number of deaths to 79.

Today, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the registration of two new Corona infections in Nablus and Hebron in the West Bank.

The ministry said that the total infections in Palestine increased as a result of these cases to 263, including 44 recoveries.

In the same context, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced this morning, registering more deaths and infections of the Corona virus.

In a statement, she said: "death toll rose to 79, recording 6 deaths in the last hours, while infections rose to 9,755."

The ministry stated that 8,476 of the infected are in good condition, as they are treated and monitored in home quarantine and hotels, while 171 injuries are described as moderate, and there are 165 serious cases, while 119 are connected to ventilators.

In another concern, our correspondent in Gaza said that the Israeli navy hit two fishermen with rubber bullets while they were fishing in a sea in the northern Gaza Strip.

He added, quoting local Palestinian sources, that the Israeli army shot the fishermen, after Israeli boats chased their vehicle while they were working in the Sudanese area in the northern Gaza Strip.


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