High incidence and death of coronavirus in Palestine and Israel

The total number of cases infected with the Corona virus in Palestine increased to 252, while the Israeli Ministry of Health recorded the increase of cases to 8,611 and death to 51 cases.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said it had registered 15 new cases of coronavirus in the West Bank, noting that they were "in contact with previous patients."

According to the ministry, with these infections, the death toll in Palestine increased to 252.

The spokesperson for the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, Ghassan Nimer, said that the number of children infected has reached 40, while those over 60 years was 23, and indicated that there are 183 infected persons between the ages of (18-59).

In the same context, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced new cases and deaths of the Coronavirus were registered.

She said, "The death toll in Israel increased to 8,611, including 191 cases in moderate condition, 141 cases in serious condition, and 585 cases have recovered, while deaths increased to 51 deaths."


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