High-pitched American diplomatic message to Hariri and French advice

Sources reported that the Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad al-Hariri, had received a high-pitched American diplomatic message warning him against forming any government that would have a direct or indirect effect on Hezbollah.

These sources told Al-Anbaa that Hariri had received French advice to wait on the issue of government while the Biden administration assumed power in the White House, which confirms that there is no government before next January 20, so Hariri maintained his silence as he imposed silence on the Presidents Club Ex governments.

Senior political circles expected to "Nidaa Al Watan" that Hariri would visit Baabda Palace over the weekend in an attempt to reactivate the government formation process, expressing their belief that Hariri "will carry to the President of the Republic a draft of a complete government formation of 18 ministers, including The names of the candidates to take over the portfolios from all the national components in order to discuss their composition with him. However, it suggested, on the other hand, that “Aoun will reject any Christian designations on the part of the President-designate unless he agrees in advance with them with Gebran Bassil.”

It is reported that French President Emmanuel Macron will visit Lebanon in the last week of next December, to inspect the French forces operating in the framework of the United Nations forces in the south, while Paris is still making all efforts to pressure officials in order to form a government that includes figures of integrity and competence. In the basic ministries concerned with obtaining loans, grants and aid.



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