Hikmat Habib: We are open to dialogue, our goal is Syria's unity, protection of people's gains

Hikmat Habib pointed out that the Syrian people are capable to self-determination, noting that they are open to dialogue with all parties, because their goal is the unity of the Syrian territories, and preserving the gains of the people.


The Organizational Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council held a meeting on Saturday for the people of Tirbespiyê district, where the latest developments had been explained in the region to the people of the region.

During the meeting held in the office of the Syrian Democratic Council in the district, the Deputy Co-Chair of the Executive Council of SDC Hikmat Habib speech, in which he pointed out that the unification of the components in north and east of Syria was able to defeat IS and that the Syrian Democratic Forces is a national force maintained the unity of Syria and defeated terrorism.

Al-Habib noted that since the beginning of its establishment, SDC has relied on the people of the region and with limited capabilities that have been able to succeed thanks to the unity of the components and that they aim at a pluralistic, democratic and decentralized Syria.

Habib explained that during previous years, many conferences and meetings were held in different names, such as Astana, Geneva and Sochi, to solve the Syrian crisis, but they failed, because the crisis can only be resolved through the Syrian people.

We rely on ourselves and have the ability to dialogue

"We are open to dialogue with all parties, because our goal is the unity of all the Syrian territories, and the preservation of the gains of the people achieved by the sacrifices of its people, and their resistance. "



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