Hiwa Salim: Turkish occupation seeks to create internal strife between Kurdish forces

The politician Hiwa Salim said that "The Turkish occupation state seeks through the attacks against the areas of south Kurdistan to sow the seeds of internal fighting between the Kurdish forces."

Since 27 May, the Turkish occupation army has carried out a military operation called "The Claw" in south Kurdistan. The operation has so far targeted populated areas in order to evacuate the area. Meanwhile, KDP forces continue to protect the Turkish military headquarters in the area, and Peshmerga Democratic Forces have handed over several of their headquarters to the Turkish army.

In addition, the Turkish state is working to deploy its collaborators in the Kurdish cities, amid continued silence and ignoring the relevant authorities in south Kurdistan.

The leader of the Kurdistan Struggles Party, Hiwa Salim, talked to our agency (ANHA) about the Turkish attacks against the areas of south Kurdistan.

Salim described the beginning of the targeting of civilians as "dirty politics" and added: "The goal is to create internal strife between the Kurdish forces in parts of Kurdistan, south Kurdistan is legally followed by the State of Iraq, and this is recognized by the United Nations is a violation of international law as well as Iraqi laws, but unfortunately, Iraq has not yet taken any position to defend its land and its people. "

'Silence means complicity'

Salim pointed to the positions of the Iraqi state and said, "even if there is no cooperation or direct complicity between Turkey and the Iraqi state, but the lack of any position contributes to the strengthening of the occupation, foggy positions means that Iraq is satisfied with these attacks."

Salim also pointed out that the position of the Kurdistan Regional Government is also not different from the position of the Iraqi government, and they do not have the power or political vision that qualifies them to deal with the Turkish occupation. "The silence and complicity of the Democratic Party is the result of the satisfaction of the war on the occupation."

'Occupation poses a great danger to southern Kurdistan in the future'

He also noted that the Turkish occupation poses a great danger to south Kurdistan "The Democratic Party does not yet realize that if the Turkish state enters a place it will not go out easily, for example in Iskendron and Cyprus. In the 1990s, Turkish forces entered south Kurdistan and have not yet left. This occupation poses a great danger to the future of south Kurdistan.

With regard to the deployment of Turkish intelligence agents in south Kurdistan, he said, "South Kurdistan turned into a den of the Turkish intelligence, the Turkish occupation intervened in south Kurdistan on the pretext of economic projects and south Kurdistan is being emptied in order to serve the interests of Turkey, and all this in order to put pressure on the people of Kurdistan. This is a great danger; this occupation seeks to create internal strife between the Kurdish forces. The Turkish state is attacking the Kurdish gains in any part of Kurdistan."

At the end of his speech, the politician Hiwa Salim pointed out that the weak positions of the Iraqi parliament and the Kurdistan government as well as the Iraqi state does not meet the demands of the people of the region.



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