Houthis bomb complex in al-Hodeidah, Coalition foiled attack on one of its camps

On Monday dawn, the Houthi forces re-bombed the "Akhwan Thabet" commercial complex in al-Hodeidah, which resulted in wounding two workers of the complex, while the Arab Coalition Forces foiled an attack on one of its camps in Aden.

 In the context of the military escalation between the Houthi forces supported by Iran and the Yemeni army supported by the Arab Coalition inside al-Hodeidah, field sources reported that the Houthi forces shelled with mortars the workers housing inside the complex, which the government team in the Coordination and Redeployment Committee took a headquarters from it, and that resulted in wounding two workers severely.

Houthi forces used heavy mortars, heavy and medium machine guns, and beatings from mobile vehicles on the liberated areas and neighborhoods and the Yemeni army.

Al-Houthi's al-Masira Net channel reported late on Sunday that Houthi forces launched an attack on a drone on a military parade of the Saudi-led Coalition Forces in the coastal city of Aden.

There was no official comment from Saudi Arabia or the Coalition, but local officials told Reuters earlier that the Coalition had foiled an attack on one of its camps in Aden.



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