HPG: 1,005 occupation's soldiers eliminated during 2020

The General Command of the People's Defense Center revealed the outcome of the operations carried out by Guerrilla during 2020, and indicated that it had eliminated 1,005 Turkish soldiers, including nine high-ranking military officers.

The General Command of the People's Defense Center issued a statement revealing the outcome of the military operations carried out by the Guerrilla Forces during 2020.

The statement included:

 "We have left behind us the year 2020 which occupies a very significant position in the history of Kurdistan people's resistance. The year 2020 is the year of comprehensive resistance and struggle for the freedom of Kurdistan and our people, and the struggle against the oppression of the Turkish colonial and fascist state against our people, its representatives and friends. The fascist Turkish state that witnessed a great decline after receiving painful blows in the 2019 conflict appeared again in 2020, claiming to end our struggle, and therefore mobilized all its strength to deepen the dirty war plans that it waged throughout Kurdistan and used all its energies to achieve results against our struggle and our movement.

Moreover, the Turkish occupation state, which has not achieved any results against the Kurdistan freedom strugglers who have proven their worth with their experience gained by more than 36 years, resorted to the use of advanced military technologies in its war during 2020, in addition to the operations of influencing perception, disinformation, and special methods of warfare, with the aim of reaching its goals; on the one hand, it practiced its war against discrimination between Guerrilla fighters and civilians by hunting people, relying on its advanced military technology, and on the other hand it tried to create a perception among the public that it had achieved great success against our struggle by distorting the facts through its media that was dedicated in the service of its Ministry of Defense.

In spite of all this, the genocidal regime represented by the Turkish fascist government of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) was unable to achieve the results for which it prepared its popular base, and claimed to "eradicate" Kurdistan freedom fighters during the ongoing conflict throughout 2020. The fighters of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) and YJA-STAR fighters have shown a sense of responsibility and the ability to reach the model of "Contemporary Guerrilla" in the twenty-first century, by following the contemporary method, developing military tactics, increasing the strike force effectiveness and dealing glancing blows to the enemy, and on the other hand, being able to avoid the enemy's strikes and thwart them by changing the pattern of movement, concentration and the mode of movement, thus they were able to impose a defeat on the fascist enemy in the face of our Kurdistan national liberation struggle.

There is no doubt that the only truth is that the economic, military and political crisis that Turkish colonialism is suffering from today is a product of resistance and the Kurdistan national liberation struggle.

Our forces engaged in a historic resistance in Northern Kurdistan

Our Guerrilla Forces fought in the geography within which they were born in Northern Kurdistan a great war against the Turkish occupation state, showed the enemy the highest levels of resistance, sacrifice and redemption, and confirmed their ability to defeat the enemy and their embodiment of the resistant struggling legacy of PKK through the heroic stance led by Agîd Civian, Yilmaz Dêrsim, Amara Ronahi, Seme Koçer, Serhildan and Yildiz. Thus, they were able to establish heroic epics in the resistance during 2020, in particular the resistance shown by the Guerrilla fighters between the date of 3- 27 October, our forces inflicted painful blows on the hostile Turkish occupation forces in their heroic campaign that lasted for 24 days, and the forces' acquisition of large quantities of enemy weapons was a stark example of the high level of the Guerrilla fighters' performance in Northern Kurdistan, but the Turkish occupation state hides its losses from the public opinion through its media, and always seeks to mislead and falsify the facts.

Our resistance in Northern Kurdistan in 2020 is the biggest blow to the Turkish colonization which has set removing Guerrilla from Northern Kurdistan among its top priorities since 2016, as it deceives people by announcing fake numbers every day to cover up its failure. The genocidal regime represented by the Justice and Development Party and the fascist Nationalist Movement Party was unable to achieve the result it wanted despite dozens of ground military operations and hundreds of attacks supported by advanced military technology in addition to the participation of thousands of soldiers, as the Turkish occupation army carried out 92 ground military operations, 329 air strikes and 23 artillery attacks on Northern Kurdistan, while our forces carried out 82 military operations against the occupying enemy, and they were able during these operations and clashes to kill 369 soldiers of the Turkish occupation army. Furthermore, 165 of our comrades in the ranks of the Guerrilla Forces were martyred and joined the immortals convoy.

On the other hand, after the genocidal regime represented by the Justice and Development Party and the fascist Nationalist Movement Party failed to achieve the results it was hoping for in Northern Kurdistan, it began attacking the legitimate defense zones (Media) and targeting Southern Kurdistan, in an attempt to revive the New Ottoman ambitions based on the successes it seeks to achieve; however, the Kurdistan Freedom fighters were able to inflict losses on the enemy ranks in particular in both Heftanin and Xakurk (Khakurk), while comrades Qasim Anakin, Leyla Agrî, Agîd Garzan, Barkran Asmer, Nucan (Nujan), Restum and their comrades showed a historic resistance that assured the enemy that it would not be able to achieve its goals on the soil of Kurdistan.

Failure of warfare method centered on air strikes

In exchange, the Turkish enemy carried out more than 30 ground military operations, 1,260 air strikes and 183 artillery attacks on the legitimate defense zones (Media). The Guerrilla Forces were able to carry out 315 military operations and managed to kill 636 Turkish soldiers. 193 of our comrades were martyred and joined the immortals convoy. The resistance epics in Heftanin, which our Guerrilla Forces fought over six and a half months under the leadership of Barkran and Asmer, where the direct clash with the enemy forces and the intense bombardment of enemy aircraft, and the equivalent of the resistance that took place in the legitimate defense zones throughout the year confirmed the failure and defeat of the Turkish occupation state and the victory of correct and pioneering method in Contemporary Guerrilla tactics, as it fully emphasized the failure of the warfare methods based on air strikes on which the Turkish enemy used to build its hopes.

These figures which disclose the level of heroism and resistance that the People's Defense Forces (HPG) fought and developed against the fascist Turkish occupation army in both Northern and Southern Kurdistan reveal how the genocidal regime's plans have been foiled and defeated. Despite all the existing special methods of warfare, false propaganda, distortion, deception and forgery, the reality and truth of the ongoing war are evident through the language of numbers and statistics.

The Media Center of the People's Defense Forces has been keen to record and transmit the outcome of the ongoing war in Northern and Southern Kurdistan to the public opinion accurately and clearly, and our people can know the true outcome and access the most accurate information by following up the data of the Media Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) because the Turkish occupation state is making great efforts in its special and media war in order to affect the morale of our people by spreading lies and misleading propaganda and reversing the facts.

Guerrilla will play its role more in 2021

The stage of resistance and heroism in 2020 confirmed the validity and effectiveness of the restructuring initiated by our forces. Our forces managed to use drones for the first time in the history of our struggle, and to reach the tactical depth, victory method and the development of human capabilities on the basis of Apo philosophy. On this basis, it was found that the more the Guerrilla Forces evolve and deepen their understanding of contemporary leadership and tactics, they will become a larger force and closer to victory. Therefore, HPG while preparing for the struggle and resistance in 2021, has surely realized how the 2020 resistance triumphed, showing determination to carry the banner of freedom they received from our heroic martyred comrades, and determining to play an effective pioneering role in the march to liberate the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the people of Kurdistan. All indications show that the year 2021 will not be an ordinary year for the people of Kurdistan and the peoples of the region, and that Guerrilla Forces that have become a hope for the peoples will surely play their role in the next historic stage and will know how to meet the call of the leader and the immortal martyrs.

The outcome of war and military operations during 2020 is as follows:

Turkish occupation's attacks:

122 ground military operations.

1,589 air strikes.

602 artillery attacks "tanks, field cannons, mortars."

Military operations carried out by the Guerrilla Forces against the Turkish occupation:

397 military operations

13 air strikes carried out by our forces with drones "Martyr Delal Air Defense Forces."

63 clashes.

120 operations whose results were not known.

1,005 killed in the Turkish enemy ranks.

9 officers killed, and they are "Lieutenant Colonel, Officer in the rank of Captain, 3 officers with the rank of First Lieutenant," Non-commissioned officers "4 with the rank of First Sergeant, 2 with the rank of Assistant."

105 wounded in the ranks of the Turkish enemy.

18 vehicles and armored vehicles were destroyed.

3 military vehicles were destroyed.

16 working and drilling machineries were destroyed.

3 reconnaissance aircrafts were shot down.

1 helicopter was shot down.

12 helicopters were wrecked.

10 captives of the Turkish occupation army

358 of our comrades rose to martyrdom rank."


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