HPG: 22 Turkish soldiers killed in Khakurk, Haftanin and Shamzinan

The series of operations that the Guerrilla fighters carried out against the Turkish occupation army continues, as 22 soldiers were killed in the operations carried out in each of Khakurk Haftanin and Shamzinan.

The Media Center of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) said:

On June 26, our forces targeted a unit of the Turkish occupation army in Shadara region, killing two soldiers.

At 14:00 on the same day, our forces spotted a unit of the Turkish occupation army, which was traveling from Khantor Hill to the Barazan Valley and carried out an operation against it, in which it hit hard, killing 10 soldiers.

At 14:30, our forces carried out a sniper attack targeting the Turkish occupation army soldiers on Dubeshka hill, killing a soldier.

At 16:30, our forces carried out another sniper attack against a unit of the Turkish occupation army on Katusuli hill, which also resulted in the death of a soldier.

On June 28, at 08:50, our forces targeted the occupation army soldiers stationed on Lilak Hill in Shamzinan, which is located in Colemerg, with a sniper attack that killed one soldier.

On the same day, the Turkish occupation army began a sweep between Lillikan Hill and Kufurti. Our forces spotted enemy units and carried out a detonation against them at 16:30. After the operation, an enemy unit was targeted and was trying to intervene in the area with another detonation. In this operation, 3 Turkish occupation soldiers were killed.

In our statement issued on June 29, we said that our forces carried out an operation in the Dula Hydran square in Colemeg district in Gever on June 25, the operation resulted in the destruction of a vehicle and the killing of 4 soldiers and as a result of the sweep process that began after the martyr of our trainer Brusk Boutan was martyred. Our martyr comrade’s record is:

Nom de guerre: Birusk Botan

Name and surname: Hassan Kanat

Place of birth: Sirnak

Mother and father name: Asya - Sabri

Date and place of martyrdom: June 25, 2020 / Gever


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