HPG: 4 Turkish soldiers killed

HPG confirmed the elimination of 4 Turkish soldiers during operations carried out in coordination with Free Women's Units – Star (YJA-Star).

The Media Center of the People Defense Forces (HPG) issued today a statement to the public and revealed the results of operations carried out by their forces in Colemêrg and Sêrt in Bakur (northern Kurdistan).

The statement read:

"As part of the revolutionary campaign of the martyrs Bager and Ronya , our forces carried out an operation against a military vehicle belonging to the Turkish occupation at Kelebe Hill and Dûrê outpost in Şemîzanan district of Colemêrg at 17:00. In the operation the vehicle was completely destroyed and a member of the Turkish Kontra was killed there.

The YJA-Star carried out an operation within the framework of the campaign of Martyrs Medya Mawa and Rizgar Gever on August 19 at 19:30, against a convoy of the Turkish occupation army on the road of the River Kara and the village of Asian in Barwari district of Sêrt city. According to information, four soldiers were killed in the vehicle. "

Troops also revealed during the statement a fighter's record martyred in raids launched by Turkish planes on August 14 in Çemçê area in Kaxizman District of Qers City.

The martyr's record is as follows:

The nom de guerre: Dijwar Rezan

The real name: Îsmet Dînç

The place of birth: Mûş

The mother's name: Ayten

The father's name: Mûzaffer

The place and date of martyrdom: on 14 August 2019/ Qers



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