HPG: 5 Turkish occupation soldiers killed in Colemêrg

HPG and the  Free Women's -Star Units carried out a series of operations against the Turkish occupation army in Colemêrg that resulted in the death of three soldiers of the Turkish occupation army and two of the Kontra troops.

The Media Center of HPG issued a written statement on the operations carried out by HPG and Free Women's Units - Star, in which three soldiers and two Kontra elements were killed in operations on Colemêrg.

The statement said:

"In the framework of the revolutionary campaign of martyrs Bager and Ronia in the ongoing areas of legitimate defense, our forces carried out special operations against the Turkish occupation army and in this context:

Three soldiers killed in Celê

On June 14, at 04:30, our forces destroyed military bases and vehicles belonging to the enemy forces in Tel Devi Masi, in the area of Celê of Colemêrg. After the operation, the Turkish occupation army began a combing operation in the area and headed towards the hill. On the same day, our forces carried out a series of operations targeting the unit which was combing, killing three soldiers of the Turkish occupation army and injuring two others, after which the Turkish occupation army shelled the area with mortars randomly. Our unit, which carried out the operations, returned to its headquarters safely.

2 of Kontra elements were killed

On June 9, Free Women's Units - Star, carried out a bomb attack targeting a unit of Kontra on the road between Tel Parastin and the Wargenema station in Gever district, killing two elements.

2 of HPG fighters martyred in Legê

On June 7, at 23:00 hours, the Turkish occupation army began an operation in the vicinity of the village of Lejuk, in the area of ​​Amed, with the support of reconnaissance planes and hidden units. On 8 June at 01:25, warplanes bombarded the area. Two of our comrades were martyred and their identities will be revealed, For public opinion later.

The warplanes bombed Qendîl

On 15 June, between 22:00 and 23:00 hours, Turkish warplanes bombed the vicinity of Anzi village in Qandil in the areas of legitimate defense (Medya). The shelling did not cause any casualties among our forces but caused great damage to the fields and orchards of the residents. "



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