​​​​​​​HPG declares 2 of its fighters martyred; 9 of Turkish occupation killed

People’s Defense Forces HPG announced that the Guerilla operations from Botan to Zap and Metîna resulted in the killing of nine soldiers of the Turkish occupation and the martyrdom of two Guerilla fighters.

HPG Media Center issued a statement, announcing the killing of nine Turkish soldiers and the wounding of another in the operations carried out by its fighters from Botan to Zap and Metina.

The statement stated: "At the same time, a Turkish occupation point was destroyed, as the Turkish occupation army bombed the resistance squares 7 times with prohibited bombs and chemical weapons, 8 times with warplanes, 6 times with attack helicopters, and dozens of times with cannons."

HPG declared that the fighter Azad and Maher rose to the rank of the martyrdom, and about the guerrilla operations and the attacks of the Turkish occupation, they gave this information:

In the framework of the revolutionary campaign of the heroes of Botan, of the martyr Shirfan and the martyr Delgin:

On September 7, 2022, our forces carried out an operation in the Judy area and in the vicinity of the village of Sir Dahali against the Turkish occupation soldiers using individual and semi-automatic weapons, as this operation resulted in the death of many Turkish occupation soldiers and the wounding of others, after this operation the Turkish occupation removed its dead and wounded from the area by helicopters.

On September 7, 2022 in the slopes of Masti Ali in the Judy region, violent clashes took place between our forces and the soldiers of the Turkish occupation, and then a heavy bombardment took place on the area. Our comrades who stayed for a long time in the Jody region, showed legendary resistance, and avenged through their operations the enemy for the attacks and massacres committed against our people and our homeland Kurdistan, they will always remain an example for us in our struggle.

T/ Satt.


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