HPG declares killing 12 Turkish occupation soldiers

The People’s Defense Forces HPG confirmed that their fighters are resisting in the form of mobile teams and in the fighting tunnels, and said: "7 operations carried out by our forces resulted in the killing of 12 occupying Turkish soldiers, and the destruction of three military sites and an A-4 weapon."

The Media Center of the People’s Defense Forces HPG stated: "Our mobile teams and our comrades in the battle tunnels continue to resist them with the commando spirit, as our comrades show great will and a unique model of resistance that is unparalleled and deal strong blows to the enemy.

During seven operations, our forces killed 12 soldiers of the occupation army, destroyed three military sites, and an A-4 weapon. While the Turkish occupation army bombed the battlefields 14 times with prohibited bombs and chemical weapons, 11 times with warplanes, 44 times with attack helicopters and dozens of times with artillery and mortars.

T/ Satt.


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