HPG disclosed record of 2 martyrs

The media center of HPG disclosed record of 2 fighters martyred in Gabar.

The Media Center of HPG issued a statement on the attacks of the Turkish occupation army, which stated:


"As part of the Revolutionary campaign of martyr Bager and Roniya, on 18 May at 08:00 hours, our forces carried out an operation targeting the Şikêr post in Çelê, which belongs to Colemêrg, and the number of dead and wounded in the operation was not confirmed."


"On May 14, the Turkish occupation army began a combing operation in the square of martyr Axîn, Martyr Amed Square and Martyr Baran Square, south of Moş. On May 18, at 22:00, the Turkish occupation army withdrew from the area without any results.

On 15 April, the enemy forces carried out three separate operations in the square of Martyr Baran and the enemy withdrew from the area on the same day without achieving any result.

Air attacks

"On 16 May at 14:40, the warplanes of the Turkish occupation army bombed the Kuro Jahro square in Zab. On 17 May, at 12:30 and 14:00, the perimeter of the village of Gisê was shelled in Kari. On 18 May at 18:50, Village of Fele in Zab.

The shelling did not cause any casualties among our forces and resulted in damage to the fields and orchards of the village of Gisê "

Martyrdom of the fighters of the HPG

"On May 15 the Turkish occupation army supported by drone aircraft combing in the square of Gapar, which is one of our units in the scene of the occupation army and there were clashes between them, the army of the occupation, which was unable to progress on the ground bombing of the area by warplanes as a result of the shelling the comrades Canfeda Serxwebûn (Mehdî Daniş) and Kendal (Enes Bîçer) were martyred.



The nom de guerre: Canfeda Serxwebûn

The real name: Mehdî Daniş

The place of birth: Şirnex

The mother's name: Heznî

The father's name :Mehmet

The place and date of martyrdom: 15 May 2019/Gabar.


The nom de guerre: Kendal Gabar

The real name:  Enes Bîçer

The place of birth: Êlih

The mother's name: Taybet

The father's name : Mehmet Emîn

The place and date of martyrdom: 15 May 2019/Gabar.



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