​​​​​​​HPG kills 21 Turkish occupation soldiers

The People’s Defense Forces confirmed the killing of 21 Turkish occupation soldiers, hitting a Skorsky helicopter, and the destruction of a military site, a bulldozer, a military vehicle in retaliation operations carried out against the Turkish occupation army.

HPG Media Center published the following information about the operations and attacks:

"Our forces are resisting with the spirit and will of APO commando against the attacks launched by the Turkish occupation army with the latest technologies, prohibited bombs and chemical weapons. Our mobile teams and our comrades in the tunnels carried out several operations in retaliation for our comrades who were martyred with the banned bombs and chemical weapons.

During the operations led by the mobile teams, our forces were able to kill 21 occupiers and destroy a military post, a bulldozer, and a "Rio" military vehicle, in addition to hitting a Skorsky helicopter.

The Turkish occupation army also targeted the resistance squares 27 times with prohibited bombs and chemical weapons, 6 times with warplanes, 52 times with attack helicopters, and dozens of times with artillery shells and tanks.

T/ Satt

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