HPG: member of "Kontras" killed during Guerrilla operation

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) confirmed the killing of a member of the "Kontras", which caused the martyrdom of many of its fighters, and that the Turkish occupation army continues to bomb the defense areas in Medya.

Today, the Media Center of the HPG issued a statement about the Turkish occupation army's continuous attacks on the defense areas of Medya, which reads:

"Martyr Dalil area, western Zap

On June 5, at 13:30, the Turkish occupation army launched an attack on resistance square in FM hill, and our forces also responded to the attack with their heavy weapons.

Khakurk District

On June 4, the Turkish occupation army bombed Sheikh zada Square with its warplanes, helicopters, and heavy weapons.

Turkish occupation army's attacks

On the 4th and 5th of June, the resistance squares in FM hill and the Amdiya hill in the Martyr Dalil area, west of Zap, as well as the resistance squares in the Sayda area, east of Zap, were bombed by 72 artillery shells and tanks of the Turkish occupation army.

On the 4th and 5th of June, the Turkish occupation army also tried to destroy our trenches in the resistance square, FM hill, in the Martyr Dalil area, west of Zap.

The killing of Kontra Mustafa Ardam

The statement added: "The Kontra, whose name is Mustafa Ardam, was born in Shirnakh in 1980, committed many crimes against the struggle for freedom of our people, and served the enemy, so that he participated in many attacks that targeted our people, and committed various crimes, not only in northern Kurdistan." He also participated in the occupation operations in the legitimate defense areas and caused the martyrdom of many of our Guerrilla comrades, and he was the commander of the Kontra Division called (Khanjr).

Kontra Mustafa Ardam, who was carrying out these brutal practices, confronted by one of our Guerrilla units , on June 4 at 21:30, and this special unit managed to kill him, and then the unit returned safely to its place and provided information about the incident.



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