​​​​​​​HPG: Occupation army launched military operation in Garê area in Southern Kurdistan

The Peoples' Defense Forces HPG said that the Turkish State launched an occupation attack in Garê area, using the air force, while the battles continued in the area. The statement stated that helicopter gunships entered the airspace of the region from Southern Kurdistan and not from Northern Kurdistan.

The Peoples' Defense Forces HPG issued a written statement about the attack launched by the Turkish occupation army in Garê area last night.

The statement read:

An intensive air strikes on Garê area

 “On February 15 and at 03:00 hours, the Turkish army launched a large military operation in Garê area. Violent bombardment from 03:00 until 06:00 this morning targeted the lands surrounding the villages of Gûzê, Meyrokê, Siyanê, Çemşerîtkê, Yekmalê, Kanîsarkê in Garê area and Kafya Plain, the bombing has targeted dozens of times, the plains of Kafya, Nehlê with UAVs and warplanes.

Warplanes also bombed the vicinity of the village of Çemrobotkiyê for two consecutive times at 04:30, and again this morning.

At the same time, helicopters bombarded the villages of Yekmalê and Siyanê.

A military landing in the village of Siyanê, and the fighting continues.

In addition to the bombing by warplanes and helicopters, the occupation forces landed in village of Siyanê, and clashes erupted between our forces and the occupation army, and the battles are still continuing. Our forces confronted the occupation army's military helicopters, forcing the occupation's helicopters to flee from the area.

The occupation forces, which participated in the military operation aimed at occupying Garê area, did not enter the region from Northern Kurdistan, but came from Southern Kurdistan by means of Kobra and Skorsky helicopters.

Air strikes

The massive raids that targeted the area came in the statement of the Peoples' Defense Forces HPG: “On January 30, at 12.10 hours, the occupation army bombed Aris Faris area belonging to Avaşînê area, using warplanes.

On January 30, at 12:00 am, the warplanes of the occupation army bombed, Cîlo, Biçûk and Karker areas in Zapê area.

On February 12, 10:30 to 12:30, warplanes bombed the vicinity of the village of çiyayê in Mamentiyê mountains belonging to Avaşînê area, which resulted in material losses in orchards and civilians' properties."

Martyr Dalal Air Defense forces carry out a military operation in Mêrganîşê hill

On the operation carried out by the Air Defense Forces, the statement said:

"As part of the campaign 'It is a time of freedom', martyr Dalal Air Defense forces carried out on February 9 at 04:30 hours a bombing operation by air defenses against the occupying forces stationed on Mêrganîşê hill in Çelê district in Colemêrgê region, and the operation was carried out successfully."



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