HPG posted a footage of operation carried out on May 4

Gerîla TV broadcast the scenes of the operation carried out by the Guerilla fighters on 4 May, which targeted the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army.

Gerîla TV published footage from an operation which was carried out as part of the Martyr Bager and Martyr Ronya Revolutionary Initiative ongoing in Medya Defense Zones.

In the mentioned operation, guerrillas targeted a Turkish military base safeguarding the Bêzokê outpost in Şemdinli district of Hakkari at around 2 pm on May 4.

HPG Press Center reported that guerrillas infiltrated into the base and hit the “enemy forces” at close range.

While three positions of the Turkish forces went under guerrilla control, at least 7 soldiers were killed and their weapons were seized, including 5 G-3 rifles. 7 other soldiers were wounded, said the HPG statement which provided the following details;

“Having suffered a heavy blow in the operation, Turkish elements bombed the scene and surroundings, as well as Sirvan and Helena villages, with Cobra type helicopters and artilleries. A Turkish unit that launched a search mission in the area was targeted by guerrillas in a sabotage action. The number of soldiers killed here couldn’t be clarified.”

HPG statement noted that the operation was carried out in response to the attacks against Kurdish mothers and Kurdish people, adding that guerrillas did not suffer any loss during the operation.



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