HPG reveals identities of 2 martyred guerillas

HPG released a written statement and commemorated 2 guerillas who were martyred last year and offered their condolences to their families and the Kurdish people.

HPG Media Center released the following statement:

“The Kurdistan freedom guerillas continue their struggle all over Kurdistan will a great level of will and determination against the special warfare politics of the Turkish state. Our forces in Northern Kurdistan(Bakur) carry out their historical mission every single time in the struggle for freedom. Every time the the struggle continues under difficult conditions and the enemy is amassing all their available resources against us and attack, this only contributes to the Kurdisatan Freedom Guerillas increasing their struggle. Due to this, the struggle which is being carried out is equally difficult. 2021 became a year for us in Northern Kurdistan where our struggle was brought to a whole new level and heavy blows were dealt to the enemy. But ofcourse, the struggle comes with sacrifices. Our comrades Amara and Canfeda were carrying out their struggle in Cudi and Garzan and they participated in intense actions against the enemy. They wanted to culminate the freedom struggle of our people with the victory of freedom. With their great resistance, they became vanguards of the struggle in Northen Kurdistan(Bakur). We commemorate those comrades with honor and respect. We offer our condolences, first of all to their dear femilies and the entire patriotic people of Kurdistan.”

The identities of our martyred comrades are as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Amara Rojbîn

Name and surname: Cemîle Çîftçî

Place of birth: Wan

Mother and father`s name: Dewlet – Cûma

Date and place of martyrdom: September 22, 2021 / Cûdî

Nom de Guerre: Canfeda Gever

Name and surname: Adnan Olmez

Place of birth: Colemêrg

Mother and father`s name: Qazê – Cemal

Date and place of martyrdom: November 23, 2021 /  Xerzan

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